Dr. Kern Beds™

For 40 years now, in fact for 20 years before the U.S. tanning market began, Dr. Kern was manufacturing and furnishing Solariums to be exported to Europe.

The extra wide body tanning surface is designed with an ergonomically molded bench acrylic that is set at a 2.5 degree angle to provide a relaxing and comfortable session. 


Sundash is the established American Icon - prized for quality, dependability and ease of operation.

Dr. Müller Tanning ®

These are the "top of the line" HP/LP tanning machines in the marketplace. These are the machines that everyone else in the tanning industry is attempting to COPY. However, when it comes to a quick, gentle and comfortable tan you can not beat these machines.

Suncapsule ™

These exciting new machines represent more than just the best head-to-toe tan in 8 minutes or less. They represent the culmination of 23 years of single-minded dedication to doing one thing and doing it better than anyone else. Truly the best vertical tanning system in the world.

Sunsport ™

State of the Art High Pressure Tanning

It's Natural

Combines 21 high pressure quartz lamps with a tremendous filtering system to insure you receive virtually 100% UVA rays. Not UVB rays that are thought to age, dry and wrinkle the skin.

You'll Never Forget Your First Time!