California Tan™

Are you looking for something new and exciting to help you get great tanning results?

California Tan introduces the latest in tanning lotion innovation for optimal colour development and healthy-looking skin. Whether you want the ultimate in advanced tanning technology or an energizing tanning experience, California Tan will deliver results you are sure to love!

Swedish Beauty™

Three lines to choose from:

The Tingle Line
The First Tingle Power® is what this line is all about. Varying degrees of tingle let you know when your skin is ready to tan.

The Browning Line
Go from brown to browner with these amazing non-tingle, dark tanning formulas.

The After-Tan Line
Extend the life of your tan and take care of your skin with soothing, nutrient-rich moisturizers.

John Abaté International's™

These product's exclusive European formulas are made with ingredients that come from nature. Created with the botanicals and natural vitamins that have been used over time and proven to be effective. John Abaté International products promote deep, rich tans and healthy, youthful looking skin. The JA line includes a wide array of high-quality tanning and skin care products for both the body and face. These natural products are formulated with minimal amounts of preservatives and none are tested on animals.

Australian Gold ®

These tanning formulas are nature-based to promote the darkest tan and healthiest-looking skin possible, so the tan you get is your own...naturally!

The Australian Gold Institute™ researchers are pioneers in the creation of premium tanning and skincare products. Every Australian Gold® tanning formula you buy contains years of tanning and skincare research that leads the tanning industry.

Designer Skin™

It's Your Skin. Design It! Designer Skin is firmly committed to providing the highest quality of tanning products that not only deliver unsurpassed tanning results, but also nourish the skin for the ultimate in "Skin Nutrition".